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How do I adjust the number of batches that DotEdit displays in IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture?

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I want to increase the number of batches that IBM Datacap DotEdit displays. It only displays 100 and there are more than 100 batches available. What needs to be done to increase the list?


The default limit is 100 rows, but this number can be modified by editing the file \Datacap\DotEdit\apps.ini file.


Please do the following:

  1. Backup the \Datacap\DotEdit\apps.ini file. If the file does not exist, create a new one or copy it from \Datacap\
  2. Open it in notepad.exe or other editor.
  3. Find the app to be modified (for example [APT]). If it does not exist, create a new section with the application name listed between square brackets.
  4. Add a new line containing BatchLimit=xxx, where xxx is the number of batches to be displayed.
  5. Save the file.

Additional information:
  • For version 8.1, Fix Pack 1 or newer must be installed.
  • Increasing the number of batches displayed is known to cause a slowdown in perceived response time due to gathering and formatting of the batch list.
  • The optimum number will vary due to system conditions, infrastructure and user expectation.
  • The DotEdit batch list will be slower to display than the batch list in Taskmaster Web, due to architectural differences between the applications.

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17 June 2018