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Launching a Rational Team Concert Eclipse client workspace on Linux fails with a Java core dump



This technote explains how to resolve an issue that can occur when using IBM Rational Team Concert on Linux , where the workspace launcher might crash with a Java core dump. This technote explains how to resolve this issue.


When launching an Rational Team Concert Eclipse client workspace on a supported Linux distribution, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0 Update 1, (RHEL 5.1), the workspace launcher might crash with a Java core dump.

Before the problem occurred, the Rational Team Concert client's splash screen was displayed, and prompted for the workspace location, once clicked on OK, the splash screen stayed on for a while, and then crashed with a Java core dump.

Here is an example of the stack trace recorded in the javacore.*.txt file:

    3XMTHREADINFO "main" (TID:0x09580800, sys_thread_t:0x095737F0, state:R, native ID:0x0000037B) prio=6
    4XESTACKTRACE          at org/eclipse/swt/internal/mozilla/XPCOM.NS_NewLocalFile(Native Method)
    4XESTACKTRACE          at org/eclipse/swt/browser/Mozilla.create(
    4XESTACKTRACE          at org/eclipse/swt/browser/Browser.<init>(
    4XESTACKTRACE          at org/eclipse/ui/internal/intro/impl/presentations

    4XESTACKTRACE          at org/eclipse/ui/internal/intro/impl/model/IntroPartPresentation

    4XESTACKTRACE          at org/eclipse/ui/intro/config/CustomizableIntroPart.createPartControl

    4XESTACKTRACE          at org/eclipse/ui/internal/ViewIntroAdapterPart.createPartContro

    4XESTACKTRACE          at org/eclipse/ui/internal/ViewReference.createPartHelper

    4XESTACKTRACE          at org/eclipse/ui/internal/ViewReference

    4XESTACKTRACE          at org/eclipse/ui/internal/WorkbenchPartReference.getPart

    4XESTACKTRACE          at org/eclipse/ui/internal/Perspective.showView(
    4XESTACKTRACE          at org/eclipse/ui/internal/WorkbenchPage
    4XESTACKTRACE          at org/eclipse/ui/internal/WorkbenchPage


This issue will occur if your Linux is setup to use Mozilla-xulrunner 1.9 or above.

The underlying Eclipse platform, for which Rational Team Concert Eclipse client is built upon, does not support xulrunner 1.9 and above. Refer to these related Eclipse bugs 237986, 213194, and "Defect 89447" on for more detailed information.

Resolving The Problem

Here are the steps to workaround and resolve this error:

  1. Download and place xulrunner or an older version into a self contained folder (download XULRunner Old Releases);
  2. Add the following argument to the VM startup arguments (located in <TeamConcert_install_dir>/eclipse.ini file):
    -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.XULRunnerPath= {Path to XULRunner1.8.1.3 Folder}.
    Note: depending on the version of your RTC Eclipse client, the eclipse.ini file may not exist. If that is the case, please locate and update the TeamConcert.ini similiarly.
  3. Re-launch your Rational Team Concert Eclipse client workspace.

Leverage the Jazz Community
Jazz and Rational Team Concert have an active community that can provide you with additional resources. Browse and contribute to the User forums, contribute to the Team Blog and review the Team wiki.
Refer to technote 1319600 for details and links.

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