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Procedure for collecting resource statistics data as XML messages



Use the procedure below to capture resource statistics data as XML messages in WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) and IBM Integration Bus (IIB). Gathering this information before you call IBM Support will help you to become familiar with the troubleshooting process and save you time.

Resolving The Problem

Trace causes extra processing when it is switched on, which can affect the reported statistics, so consider turning it off before you collect resource statistics. You can use the mqsireporttrace command to determine which trace options are currently active. Follow these steps to collect resource statistics data in XML format:
  1. Define a temporary queue to hold the statistics data by running the runmqsc command:

    DEFINE QLOCAL(queueName) | runmqsc qmgrName
  2. Define a subscription with the queue as the destination for messages with this topic:

    Use the runmqsc command to define the subscription:
    - runmqsc qmgrName
    - DEFINE SUB(subscription) TOPICSTR('$SYS/Broker/brokerName/ResourceStatistics/#') DEST('queueName') DESTQMGR('qmgrName')
  3. Turn on resource statistics collection by using the mqsichangeresourcestats command:
    mqsichangeresourcestats brokerName -e egName -c active

    **Note: You may need to enable the outputting of operational events (statistics) to MQ:
    mqsichangeproperties brokerName -b pubsub -o OperationalEvents/MQ -n enabled -v true
  4. Run message data through the message flows. Resource statistics data are recorded every 20 seconds, so it is important to consider this when you are deciding how long to perform your test.
  5. Turn off resource statistics collection by using the mqsichangeresourcestats command:
    mqsichangeresourcestats brokerName -e egName -c inactive
  6. Export the messages in the subscriber queue to a file. You can use the amqsget command, provided with MQ, to send messages to a file.
    amqsget queueName qmgrName > mqsi_resource_statistics.out
  7. (Optional) Clean up:
    You can either delete the subscription and the queue, or you can leave them for future statistics collections.

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23 March 2020