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The purpose of this technote is to clarify the support to be provided when WebSphere Application Server, MQ and/or DB2 is running on Microsoft Azure.

Resolving The Problem


Microsoft Open Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft, will publish license-included virtual machine images with IBM software pre-installed. Customers can take advantage of these virtual machines to use the included IBM software in a “pay-per-use” / (pay as you go) fashion. In addition, customers who have IBM licenses may deploy their licenses on Microsoft Azure in accordance with the IBM Licensing for Microsoft Azure policy.

License-Included Images


    For customers who use the license included virtual machine images published by Microsoft Open Technologies, Microsoft will provide support for the Azure service. In order to receive support for Azure, customers must purchase an Azure support plan.

    IBM will provide two options for support of IBM products:

    Option 1- Free online forum support for IBM Support. Here are the starting links for the current product offerings from IBM where you can access social channels or to post your question to the appropriate product forum:

    WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere MQ products -

    IBM DB2 Server -

    Option 2 - see table below.

    To Purchase SupportContact
    Pricing$210 per Core or a minimum monthly charge of $1000
    To Report a defect or ask "how to" questionsElectronic submission via the Support Portal
    Coverage TermsEnglish only
    Electronic Submission only
    8am - 5pm local time zone, Monday-Friday
    Response time 8 business hours, Sev 1 - 4
    No support on public holidays
    Products supportedWebSphere Application Server 8.5.5
    WebSphere Network Deployment 8.5.5
    WebSphere Liberty Core 8.5.5
    WebSphere MQ 8.0
    DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server 10.5
    DB2 Enterprise Server Edition 10.5
    DB2 Developer Edition 10.5
    Self Help, Forums, blogs, and social media Links available on support portal

    In addition, all clients can receive the latest technical information from IBM social channels by utilizing the following links:

    WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere MQ products -

    IBM DB2 Server -


    Please check for Windows Server and IBM software updates immediately after deploying a new VM from a License-Included Image, since new fixes may have become available after the image was created. IBM software updates may be found at To install Windows Server updates in Azure VMs, use Windows Update.

    Support Exceptions for License-Included Images

    Support for License-Included Images does not include assistance with the design or development of applications based on IBM software.

Bring Your Own License (BYOL) and Bring Your Own Software and License (BYOSL) Scenarios

BYOL and BYOSL scenarios include both Images where IBM software is pre-installed on virtual machine images that do not include licenses to the IBM software and where IBM software is installed directly by customers on Azure VMs. Please refer to this List of BYOL/BYOSL IBM Products on Azure.


    For customers who bring their own licenses to Microsoft Azure, IBM will continue to deliver support directly just as it does when those licenses are deployed on customers’ premises. To request technical support for use of IBM software on Azure in BYOL/BYOSL scenarios, contact IBM technical support or refer to the IBM Support Handbook.

    Support Lifecycle:

    Make sure you are running versions of IBM software that are currently supported within IBM Support Portal. Refer to the documentation on IBM Product support Lifecycle website or contact IBM.


    To access fixes for IBM software products used in the BYOL scenario or outside of Azure, refer to the IBM Support Portal and specifically to IBM Fix Central. To install Windows Server operating system updates on Azure VMs, use Windows Update.

Changes to this Support Policy

We may occasionally update this Support Policy. When we post changes to this Support Policy, we will revise the "Modified date" field at the top of this document.

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